Gecko inflation by Fauxgami (critique requested)

Charlie was pretty normal. He had a nice steady job, a loving and intelligent girlfriend, he was a generally upbeat and loveable guy! So how had it come to this?

One minute he was out shopping for groceries and the next he was knocked out cold. He hadn't even seen the attacker when it happened.

When he came to he was tied up in a room all by himself with only a machine, a camera in the corner of the ceiling and, the chair that he was tied to. Looking around proved futile the room was otherwise totally barren.

All he noticed was it highly resembled a prison cell without bars. Instead of bars there was a door with no knob, it probably opened from the outside only.

Sudennly there was a noise, it came from the machine. A hose was coming out of it seemingly on it's own. He groaned as the tube forcibly shoved itself into his mouth. Clamps came down on his jaw and snoutand the machine began to hum.

He tried to struggle out but it was no use and the loud whirring of the machine wasn't making it any easier to calm down. What was the machine going to do? Who had tied him up and left him here? Where IS here?

As the questioned bounced around the geckos head the machines whirring started to pick up. It looked like the machine was finally starting up. After a few seconds he could feel the vibrations of the hose in his mouth indicating it was filling up with something. Terrified eyes followed the hose and saw a thick liquid substance start snaking it's way towards him.

It made him panic even more, but as he struggled more the clamps just held tighter and the strange liquid started to speed up. This was it. This was how Im going to to die, he thought.

What was it? Poison? Deadly chemicals?..pudding?! A familiar taste hit his tongue. It was pudding!

Why was pudding coming out? What the Hell is happening..

The pudding flowed into the geckos mouth as he calmed down. It was just pudding nothing to panic about.
He decided to just sit and relax, surely the machine would stop once he was full!

After a few minutes he realized that wasn't going to be the case. In fact it started to speed up. Pudding was pumped into his mouth and jammed down his throat.

He was quite a bit past feeling full at this point. He could feel his belly become tight as more and more pudding forced itself inside. It wasn't totally uncomfortable yet but it sure wasn't getting any nicer.

After a few more minutes his belly was noticeably full. It still retained a bit of its soft, chubby look. He moaned and groaned, wishing he could plead the machine and whoever was controlling it to stop. He didn't dare try to scream for help with pudding flowing into his mouth at quite a fast rate now.

The soft belly was beginning to round out into a more spherical shape as it was filled more and more with pudding. It was beginning to hurt rather badly as it got tighter and tighter.

The machine started slowing down. Thank goodness, he thought it must have run out of pudding. Good news for him! He tried to even his jagged breathing. The mound in front of him could easily be compared to a miniature, quivering globe.

It was over though. He didn't think he could have suffered anymore. Soon a pair of mechanical hands came out and started rubbing the bloated gut. If He weren't so worn out he would have fought them off. All the gecko could do was sit there and relax as his massive belly was rubbed.

At least that eased the pain a bit. It wasn't long until the machine started back up and the hands moved away though. He was starting to panic again. He hadn't even started to digest the first wave of pudding!! Struggling proved useless because just like before the clamps only became tighter and the flow became faster than ever.

Soon he was back to guzzling the sweet, sugary liquid. It was flowing at an alarmingly fast rate and soon his once soft and chubby belly began to fill out into a taunt, round shape. Wave after wave of pain hit the gecko. His belly was so massive it was now touching the floor.

It slowly bobbed and wiggled as more pudding filled the balloon of a reptile. The ground was freezing, his belly couldn't be moved away from it it had become too massive..

It was finally coming to a point where every time pudding was swallowed his body ached in pain. The mound of pudding filled flesh lay there before him, cold and finally turning a light shade of red.

Was the machine just going to let him burst?!

Gecko inflation (critique requested)


28 April 2015 at 16:02:53 MDT

This time it has actual inflation, please tell me how I did! Im not exactly sure how good I am at this writing thing...

I added QUITE A BIT to this(at least it looks like a lot from my phone....) I probably need to stop double spacing my paragraphs/sentences at a line break......but you know eh live and learn