inflation excerpt by Fauxgami (critique requested)

He groaned as the tube was forcibly shoved into his mouth. Clamps came down on his jaw and snout. He tried to struggle out but it was no use and the loud whirring of the machine wasn't making it any easier to calm down. What was the machine going to do? Who had tied him up and left him here? Where IS here? As the questioned bounced around the geckos head the machines whirring started to pick up. It looked like the machine was finally starting up. After a few seconds he could feel the vibrations of the hose in his mouth indicating it was filling up with something. Terrified eyes followed the hose and saw the substance start snaking it's way towards him. It made him panic even more, but as he struggled more the clamps just held tighter and the strange liquid started to speed up. This was it. This was how Im going to to die, he thought.

What was it? Poison? Deadly chemicals?..pudding?! A familiar taste hit his tongue. It was pudding!

inflation excerpt (critique requested)


27 April 2015 at 23:36:21 MDT

I tried my hand at writing please tell me what you think!! It would help me a lot

Please tell me if I did anything wrong or if I should keep going or something :D

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