Mawlings [CLOSED SPECIES] by FaunPrincess



25 November 2015 at 16:26:49 MST

Mawlings are a closed species created by Kayla Chase (FaunPrincess)

(I plan to make a post about their reproductive system later, but I didn't want this to be a mature rated piece, so for now, they all have Ken crotches)


They also lay eggs c:


Mawlings are an underground species, using their usually massive claws to make complex tunnel systems and mine for rare jewels to buy and trade with species on the surface for rare trinkets they can not get as well as supplies and food that are not commonly found in the underground. They are not a necessarily social species, more times than not simply working together to get the job done for their leaders and to expand their colonies.

The leaders are usually higher up Mawlings that have lived far longer than most, surviving cave-ins and run-ins with rival species that choose to attack and try to overtake a colonies hive.


Usually, the host body and their gnashing maw do not get along very well, though there can be rare cases. Usually, they bicker like siblings, but for some, they're each other's worst enemies.

Excluding Mind Maws, all Mawlings' maws have a ferocious hunger, and will eat anything that is tossed into it's warm caverns so long as it's edible in any way. They can feast on anything from meats, to roots, to long since rotted carcasses, but it is not recommended as it could still have detrimental effects to the body that they share with their host.

Their tongues are the same colour as their hosts eyes, which represents their blood colour. Often times, the Maw will have a habit of licking and lapping at it's lips, causing chapped spots at times.

For Chest Maws, their teeth are actually their ribs, making them a nerve wracking and dangerous species to survive as it can reveal the thin layer of meat that protects their vital organs whenever it opens it's mouth.

Mind Maws' smaller, gaping mouths are far different to the rest of the species, whispering deep, dark secrets in Eldritch tongues from the furthest rings. For the most part, these Mawlings keep hidden deep within the hearts of their caverns to share predictions and what is best for the colony they are currently in to help them further their lives and happiness.


The actual host body of the Mawling is the one who has more cognitive thoughts and runs the motor skills for the body. Their eyes, as stated before, are their blood colour, and though they do not appear to have pupils, they actually are simply a subtly lighter or darker shade of their eye colour, making them almost unnoticeable.

Mawlings mouths are usually hidden by some sort of material, be it a medical mask, a bandana, or a piece of cloth tied around their mouth, there is always something keeping their mouths from being shown. Their voices are far quieter than thier Maw's, making them almost hard to understand at times with something covering their mouth, but it is a tradition that has been passed down for eons through the species, and it makes the appearance of their personal mouth more of an intimate place. If a Mawling is ever to show their mouth to someone, it is either under shameful circumstances (such as another Mawling removing their shield to show dominance and make them feel vulnerable) or an act of extreme trust.

Mawlings can be a very violent species at times, especially Chest Maws who are often guards with massive chest pieces of armour to hide thier maws. This being said, there are many species who can not stand the ground dwelling creatures, but will tolerate them for their rare jewels. Others will have nothing to do with them.

Physically, Mind Maws usually have rather short claws compared to others.

Height wise, Hand Maws are the shortest, ranging in to about 4'- 4'5" in height. Belly Maws are next tallest being 4'5" - 5' in height. Chest Maws are generally 5'5"-6' in height. Mind Maws are a whopping 7-8 ft in height.

Mind Maws often times are hunched over to travel through their cave systems and will even crawl on all fours when necessary to get through.


No. Not the pony. You cut that out.

Each feature for the species has a it's own rarity ranking, and depending on how many common or rare, or even legendary, features they have will raise the price.

THIS SPECIES WILL NEVER BE TOO EXPENSIVE, AND I WILL NEVER ONLY ACCEPT MONEY AS A FORM OF PAYMENT. The most I will ever sell one for should be around $30, and that would be a very complex, detailed design with rare features.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll happily answer! If I begin getting repeated questions, I'll eventually make an FAQ. >v<

Thank you for taking the time to check them out.

[No, I will not get upset because someone makes a creature with a mouth on it's belly or something. I'm not petty.]