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Lance Foxx to Lance Mouse Comic Part 2 by fatfoxcoon

Lance Foxx to Lance Mouse Comic Part 2


16 January 2015 at 12:16:10 MST

posted 08 aug 2012

well here is part 2. I think I should have fluffed him up more then I did. it barley looks fluffy at all and that's what took the most time was making him fluffy. please feel free to tell me how badly I did :D

I love comics and I have a huge collection but trying to figure out how to take all these pics and arrange them into a comic wasn't quite as easy as you might think. plus dialogue is never easy for me.

This week the fox hunts for something to eat after spending a day with no food or even pants! I didn't put pants in because well what happens next will be talked about but lets just say that pants don't do what fox's do.

Lance is copyright Lancefoxx

fox is furrette by little dragon

scene is dragon temple by daz

half dome thing is from DM productions

cheese by trekkie girl.