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A New Beginning by FatCharizard84

A New Beginning By:FatCharizard84

Sato continued to pack up his stuff, seeing as he was getting moved thanks to his job. (Trust me, you are better off not knowing what his job is, it involves boredom and fire.) As he continued to pack, he remembered the times he had in this city, with its vast quantity of stomato berries and kind folk. However, he had to shrug that thought aside as the moving truck pulled into his yard. He quickly finished up, which was surprising for a Charizard of his size. He packed up the stuff into the truck, and then went to his... well, car. (It was really a portable pokeball.) And handed it to the truck manager. Being used to moving pokemon after 5 years of moving stuff, he transferred Sato to his pokeball and began their journey to Danopolis, the new site for Sato's job.

There isn't really much to talk about on the trip, just an average trip. So, we will skip ahead to the arrival. As the truck got to Sato's new home, which only had two or three neighboring houses, Sato was released from his pokeball. The manager then returned the pokeball to Sato, who then began to pack his stuff into the new home, with help from the manager. In no time at all, the house had that Charizard flare that Sato loved in a home. He then payed the manager, and began to watch his tv. It then occurred to him- he has neighbors. Why be so rude as to ignore them? So, he turned the tv off, and began to go to the first nearby house. However, no one was home. He then went to the second house, but once again, no one home. He had his doubts about the third house, but the lights were on, so that must mean SOMEONE was home there. So, he flew slightly towards the third home, and gave a hearty knock on the door.

Immediantly, shuffling was heard, so Sato tried to look proper in his average outfit- his favorite blue hat, an orangish t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of brownish flip-flops. When the door opened, however, the Charizard rubbed his eyes. He rarely ever saw a hybrid of anything before, so a draolf was a shocker. However, he tried to remain proper, so as not to upset his neighbor.

"Hey. You must be the new neighbor from across the... uh, plain," the draolf said rather kind-heartedly to the Charizard in front of him, "oh, where are my manners? My name's Dreya! Nice to meet you!"

"Hey! My name's Sato! It's nice to meet you too!" the Charizard replied with the same kind-heartedness that Dreya showed.

"Would you like to come in?" Dreya asked curiously as he got out of the way of the door.

"Sure. I have some time to kill!" Sato said without really thinking about how rude that may have been to the draolf. He quickly realized this and apologized to Dreya.

"It's fine! So, you must be hungry from coming here. What do you like to eat?" Dreya asked Sato, once again in a curious tone.

"It's fine! I don't need anything. Don't worry yourself," Sato responded. However, his stomach urged to disagree, as it growled loudly just after Sato's response. This caused a blush to appear on the Charizard's face.

"I don't mind. I'm used to cooking to such a... hearty appetite! So, do you like stomato berries?" Dreya asked politely as he heard another growl from the pit that was Sato's stomach.

"Stomato berries?!? I love those! How did you get some?!?" Sato replied enthusiatically, without realizing he had burst that out. After all, stomato berries were special for fire types, and Charizards are fire types. And, considering Sato's adipose, Dreya understood the outburst.

"Alright. I think I can make a special stomato berry meal. Oh, and I have my own berry field behind the house. It's rather simple to do, since I do know some things about pokemon. But, personally, I love berries myself! Especially stomato berries. So, I grow an excess of those. Anyways, on to the meal!" Dreya said as he shook himself out of his stupor, momentarily remembering what happened on his last stomato berry binge, and the bliss it caused him as the fiery feeling was in his bloated stomach, which was still around, but a lot bigger than back then. So, he started on the Stomato Stew while preparing some stomato kabobs, which also had oran berries and salmon. He then threw some stomato butter across some bread, and threw them in the toaster. And, countless more foods involving stomato berries continued.

"Meanwhile, Sato was sitting on the large couch, imagining what stomato berry cuisines awaited him. That's when the smells hit his nostrils. The savory smell of stew, and kabobs, and toast... but most importantly, steak ala stomato! He couldn't wait for that. However, not wanting his favorite hat to get stained, he took it off and put it on the lamp. That was when a cart came in, and smells flew into Sato's nose as his mind fell under influence of the stomato berry feast before him. But, he remembered that Dreya needed to eat too, and that was when another cart came in, with the same food as the first cart. Kind of suspicious, Sato asked why there were two carts instead of one.

"Hey, we both have to eat, don't we? Besides, do you think one cart will fill you up? With my food, you will be begging for more!" Dreya responded as he began to eat from the second cart. Sato, whose stomach growled yet again, decided to take Dreya's advice and dig in. As soon as the tastes hit his taste buds, Sato felt extreme bliss. These foods were better than anything he had eaten in his whole life! He immediantly started chowing down, not caring about restraint as he downed the whole soup quickly. As he guzzled more food down his chubby cheeks, his stomach slowly bloated out, becoming bigger as he ate more and more. When he finished the toast, however, he noticed that he couldn't reach the food as easily as normal. He looked down, and all he saw was scaly Charizard gut! He didn't remember being this big when he first got here, but the food pulled him away and he started chowing down, his gut slowly growing as he ate.

As he got to the delicious poke puffs, the button on his pants burst, causing another blush to emanate from Sato's now obese cheeks. Dreya noticed this as Sato continued to chow down, his shirt having ridden up after the steak ala stomato. His now humongus gut continued to grow as he finished off the remnants of what was on the cart. His sloshing gut wasn't the only thing that grew, though. His moobs were the size of large, bloated grapefruits. His legs were now the size of an average fur's waist. His arms were the size of his legs before the feast. His butt was the size of at least half of the large couch. His fat tail hung lazily as it was now the size of a half of a tree trunk. His cheeks made his muzzle look smaller in comparison, as they were the size of large oranges. And, he still wasn't done. There was still the very large stomato cake, which he dug into quickly. His giant belly grew even more as it filled up with the delicious cake. And, before he knew it, the cake was gone. He sat on the couch, his bloated, sloshing stomach jiggling for a while before finally settling on his now humongus frame. He then looked at Dreya, who was also bloated from the meal. He sat down in the chair next to Sato, his gut also sloshing around for a bit before settling.

"So, how was my meal? Did you like it? From the empty cart, I guess you did!" Dreya chuckled as he saw Sato rubbing his stomach.

"It was UUUURRP! good! I feel great HIC! now. Hey, do you hilp have any left- hic overs?" Sato grinned as he grinned at his new neighbor and friend. He hoped he would have some free time after work to hang out with Dreya some more, because not only was Dreya a good friend, but he was also a good cook. They parted ways, enjoying the meal digesting. And, Sato guaranteed that he would visit again as he went home, having to waddle since he was now too heavy to fly, and had too much gut to walk. And, now he knew why destiny moved him here. He felt that Danopolis would be a great new beginning to his life. He waved goodbye from the distance to the draolf as he returned home.

A New Beginning


11 October 2014 at 18:58:05 MDT

Here is another story. In this one, Sato meets Dreya after moving to Danopolis, and, as usual, he ends up an obese ball of lard. But, what can he say? He loves stomato berries. Anyways, enjoy the story.

Dreya belongs to choice_d.
Sato belongs to me.

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