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6 November 2014 at 15:39:14 MST

Finally found some time to squeeze in fanart of this lovely thing that I'm sure everybody has seen already.

This was really fun to do and I really loved all the designs in the video, and the Scooby Doo basis really fit the 70's-esque sound that Mystery Skulls has in general.

Now, the following is a response to the typical comments that come with anyone acknowledging anything popular/creating a buzz ever. If you are about to leave any comment resembling any of these statements, I'll answer them ahead of time for you so you don't waste your time:

  • "Wow, Mystery Skulls Animated is everywhere, I don't get why it's so popular. I'm like the only one who doesn't like it."

  • Congratulations, you're not like everybody else or something. You are special and deserve to be singled out for this unique trait that nobody else possesses. There. Did I quench your desperate need to be unique that you've held onto since high school that you have so successfully turned into your only personality trait?

  • "Am I the ONLY ONE who likes the other characters besides Lewis?"

  • No. Shut up. Of course the main subject and pro-anta-gonist of the video is going to get more attention. Also considering he is a non-human ghost skeleton man, people are going to draw him more. Granted, I personally love all the designs.

  • "I liked Mystery Skulls before this video, I hate that people only like it because of this. :/"

  • Congratulations! WOW! Audio waves hit your eardrums before other people's! Here's your purple heart, you can now die in peace for your astounding accomplishments have been acknowledged! Also generally music videos are there to gather people's interest and promote the video, and even though this was fan-made it has turned a lot of people onto Mystery Skulls and not just this song, but the band in general. That is the purpose, aside artistic expression. Go find something to do with your time aside acting like hearing music before others is something to be proud of.

  • "Why would you support this video? It was made by a brony so it's automatically gross."

  • Fuck you, nobody cares. Someone can be a fan of a thing and not be creepy and also be talented. There's 7 billion people on this earth, so you should believe it's more than likely. Go take a nap or something.

Sorry, had to get that out cause I have seen some amazingly stupid commentary about this video as well as rude comments about the creator! More than I have about other things that have become interesting (like FNAF). Those are all comments I've seen at least over a dozen times.

Anyway, Lewis! Maybe other fanart later, but probably not for a while cause I GOTS OTHER ART TO DO.

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    I have never heard of Mystery Skulls

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        I guess?

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          Never too sure how to reply to half your comments since you usually just talk instead of commenting the artwork.

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            shrugs I do like to converse with people

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    I'm not online much, so I never watch things online.......I just know it's a thing and everybody's drawing fan-art.

    Yours is pretty darn awesome! grin

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    Ugh, this guy. I hate that song. I used to like it before everyone watched that video. This was actually my least favorite character, but then I found out it was made by a brony so of course i hate the entire band now.

    (this was all a lie, please don't hate me)