Wild Boar trophy commission for Kanyu Escape by Farumir Works

Wild Boar trophy commission for Kanyu Escape

Farumir Works

10 November 2019 at 16:33:40 MST

My first ever boar sculpt, this is a paid commission from an Escape room game company in my county called Kanyu Escape - a hunting trophy prop that will also be one of the puzzle mechanisms. Nope I won't tell you how to solve the puzzle this boar head will be in their upcoming game, but I will maybe show photos of it when mounted in the finished room. ;)

This is the first time being commissioned to make a faux taxidermy ornament, and won't be my last hopefully as I really enjoyed making this one and have a new plan to start offering fake hunting trophies and maybe even attempt a fake animal-skin rug. Also this means I can now offer boar masks once I reopen for mask commissions again.

Speaking of which: before anyone points out that I said I'm closed for commissions for 1 or 2 years, yes I am but only due to no work-space anymore. This commission however...the company has their own big studio for prop-making and room-building, so I had plenty of space and access to numerous machines and tools for hours! I LOVED it! The experience working in a big studio has made me crave my own first home even more now. So when I update my next journal page, I'll need to add that I can still accept commissions that are either from customers local to the West Yorkshire area and or can provide me a large work space if possible...

Anyway, Boars are now available in my ever growing list of types of beast I make. ^_^

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