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Black Werewolf mask commission by Farumir Works

Black Werewolf mask commission

Farumir Works

16 March 2019 at 13:47:36 MDT

(Just before anybody asks: No this isn't the revamp of my own werewolf mask that I spoke of in my latest DeviantArt journal.)

One of the three October batch masks that were supposed to be completed in time for christmas (however life problems never make schedules easy for me) ^^; which includes a moving mouth. and adjustable head strap.

IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE DO NOT SKIP READING THIS: I am now closed for anymore werewolf mask commissions due to other projects in need of finishing including new monster masks/costumes and a new silicone monster glove design. HOWEVER I will still accept commission reservations for when I reopen for werewolf mask commissions...but I won't be starting anybody's mask commissions until new projects are finished or until my home situation gets better (please read my latest DA journal entry for info about that).
I know many of you love werewolf costumes and hate the long waits for them but please understand that this is beneficial for both me and commissioners; for it will mean new mask and glove designs will be available to you and not just werewolves anymore e.g. big cats (mold is already done by the way so if people want big cat masks please ask and I shall take a reservation for one), skull face masks, reptile masks and the long awaited were-hyena masks etc. It will also mean I can expand my portfolio, which will increase my chances of finding a job in the field I'm skilled in thus have a much better financial income to fund all my work. So everybody wins as long as I take this break from werewolves for a bit.

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