Jungle Croaks by Farouche

Jungle Croaks


12 November 2012 at 15:13:07 MST

Header for a website. Old work.

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    This has always been a favorite of mine of your pieces! It's so clever and silly/amusing (the humour is great and always makes me smile/chuckle when I see it), and the execution of the piece works out perfectly. What you intended to communicate is very clear, and the details on/in/of the background and the forest is so well done and absolutely lovely! The colors and detailing is beautiful! //so envious of your traditional media skills/your artistic skill in general!

    This is still one of my favorite little pieces of yours, and whenever I see it, it reminds me of you so much. :)

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      Also, I should probably know. Every time I see those little pixel-like "space invaders" (aliens? alien ships?), it makes me think of you. ;)

      ( Because of both this pieces and your "I invade Paris" icon you use on DW, hahaha! //laughs )

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        * I should probably let you know

        * this piece

        ( Gosh, I keep making typos all over your page. Looks like I need to proofread better before I click that "submit comment" button! )

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          Thank you for all the comment ;) and for the compliment on this piece. I like the feel of it overall but am not very satisfied with the technique/my skills, though... It's nowhere near as cool as what was in my head! Which I know happens a lot in art, but really, it's especially true here. Sometimes I toy with the idea of starting the piece over, but I'm not sure I'd do any better at the moment, so I save my time and energy for other stuff...

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    Super bien foutu ce dessin :D Belle gestion de la palette :3