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Monsters In Love by Farouche

Monsters In Love


12 November 2012 at 15:08:12 MST

"Before I found out about the trans community here in France, I already identified myself as an animal-person. However I've never related to the whole "werewolf folklore" as many therians do - after all, I'm not a wolf, and it may just be that. However the more I got to know the trans community, especially the FtM identities and such, the more I connected to this Freak identity I first didn't understand well. It may also be related to the fact I started taking testosterone and there is something fascinating in watching your body change and transform into something else, something Other and totally outside of society's binary standards about what a human body is supposed to be like. From that freak identity I started drawing parallels with monsters such as the werewolf archetype - as if transguys' bodies would be covered in fur like werewolves', for a concrete example. My image of the werewolf is more that of a gentle and misunderstood monster, albeit farouche, though. This is something I relate to very well, especially as a transboy.

So that's it. Trans bodies = freak identity = monsters = werewolf."

Art and concept are ©2007 by myself.

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    Such a morbidly fascinating description--one that provokes deeper thought. Very nice, and a poignant picture to go along with it. The small details with the surgery scars really nail it.

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      Thank you! I had more ideas for this projects (mostly also trans* or genderqueer themed artworks) but never got around to make anything else. Maybe someday!

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        I'd say it'd be an interesting concept to follow. Too often people think in binary when it comes to gender--either male or female. Either or, so to speak. That said, I've always been interested in art that portrayed the more complex side of the gender and sexuality totem pole. A deep concept, imo.