COMMISSION: Strype - Emergency Repairs by farorenightclaw

COMMISSION: Strype - Emergency Repairs


30 May 2015 at 20:55:53 MDT

THIS IS NOT MY ART. CassioBunny commissioned this for me from Strype as a surprise! Conicidentally, I commissioned Strype for a pic of her on Ikani's behalf at the same time, but hers arrived sooner than mine did so I did end up knowing I was getting this ahead of time. But that did not reduce my amazement!!

This is SUCH a stunning image of Farore, and i really adore all the little liberties he took with its design, the details like the smoke from the welding spot and how shiny and glowy everything is! Thank you so much Cassio, and Strype!! I love this so much, I just had to share it with yall.

Farore belongs to me!
Art by   strype strype!!


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    This came out sooo pretty :D

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    Good thing Farore is a machine, imagine doing that on an organic being >.<

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      Mmmh, yes, imagine it... wanders off into goreaphilia land