Charity Auction for SpottyJaguar! by farorenightclaw

Charity Auction for SpottyJaguar!


24 January 2014 at 11:33:53 MST

Hey guys! It's that time again - the time when i help a buddy out. Diallo/SpottyJaguar is falling behind a bit financially, especially with all the crazy FA stuff going down lately. i want to help him get funds together to pay his rent, visit his partner ViralDivinity, and a handful of other expenses. So, charity auction!

How does this one work? It's not a ladder auction, this time - it's a flat offer of a fully illustrated hyperrealism scene, such as the one of Rox with a bass guitar above. Up to two characters.

  • Min bid: $100
  • Bids must go up by at least $5 per bid
  • Fully illustrated one- or two-character hyperrealism scene
  • Any rating
  • Any content except copyrighted characters, children in adult situations, scat, or strangulation
  • Ends at 12pm noon PST on February 1, 2014
  • If a $500 bid is made, winner will also receive a small plushie commission from alexgoneloco
  • Autobuy of $1000 (yes, i am aware this is unlikely to be bought. However, i don't feel comfortable letting it go for less than this.) Autobuy includes art from mazz in this style, from occoris in this style with digital color added, a full illustration from viraldivinity, a plushie commission of a $150 value from AlexGoneLoco, art from teahound in this style, a cel-shaded chibi from VenomousSoliloquy, art from Rooc in this style, and a 10 - 15 page story commission from thescalybard !
  • 10% discount on one future non-auction commission from me if you provide a link to a post advertising the auction on FA, WZL or Tumblr

Start your bidding!