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Collab w/ Naoki - Kittybot Repairs 02 by farorenightclaw

Collab w/ Naoki - Kittybot Repairs 02


If you've been with me for a while you may remember Kittybot Repairs 01. This pair of line arts by Naoki were commissions I bought back in 2014 to commemorate the end of a very difficult time in my life, the beginning of my recovery, and in the case of this one, the support from my partners I've had in moving forward. So, these pieces have a lot of meaning to me. Obviously it took me a REALLY long time to finish coloring this one, four years in fact, but I'm really happy with the final look and I think the improvement between the two pieces shows. Hopefully Naoki isn't too horrified by seeing his old art thrown up like this.

Just to confirm - I DID NOT DRAW THIS. Naoki drew and inked this. I ONLY COLORED!

With the help of those that love and support it, Farore can begin to take steps to move forward again. It can make more repairs as time goes on, until it's good as new, or even better than before.

Farore & colors by me
Lines by Naoki Naoki