The Alice Recordings: Chapter 12 by farorenightclaw

The Alice Recordings: Chapter 12

The Alice Recordings: Chapter 12


3 January 2018 at 14:53:15 MST

So I started taking testosterone recently. Part of going through this means that my voice will change. Therefore, I wanted to create a way of tracking the changes in my voice over time. What better tool for the job than Alice? AiW is in the public domain (as is the John Tenniel illustration I'm using for the cover image) and is pretty much my favorite book/'franchise' ever, so it seemed fitting to read a chapter every two weeks or so (this is how often I get my T shots) and see if I can detect any changes.

This is an informal reading - there's a couple sniffs and I stumble over words occasionally - so please don't expect perfection. This is mostly for my own interests but I know some of you like hearing me talk and read and so on so I figured I'd upload it here. Enjoy!

And finally we come to the last chapter. I believe I'll continue with Through The Looking Glass next, but I'm not sure if I'll start it right away or not. Are you all interested in hearing that?

This illustration is one of the most well-known of John Tenniel's for the book, and indeed is emulated more closely than any other illustration by the Disney cartoon; I can't find an exact screencap but here's one of the same scene: The book goes on rather more than the film does, wrapping up Alice's Adventures quite neatly with her sister's musings, providing a sort of finality that belies the fact that Looking Glass is yet to come.

Poor Bill the lizard, he gets so abused.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Illustration by John Tenniel
Read by me!