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Color Wheel Meme by farorenightclaw

Color Wheel Meme


I saw a couple of people doing this and it looked like fun! At first I thought I wouldn't have enough color-coordinated pictures to make the full rainbow, but after some digging I found them all, and fairly recent images too! Most of them are commissions, some are gifts. I don't draw for myself often enough to have a wheel of personal art >_>; Though it might be interesting sometime to use this as a series of prompt for colorful images! Pictures for CassioBunny make up half of the wheel, though I'm not sure if that says more that I just draw for her a lot (I do) or if my art for her tends to be more color-themed (it seems to be). Both? Anyway, this was fun.

Template here:

Characters belong to kyuofcosmic, CassioBunny, Myuphrid Myuphrid, a tiny piece of MalaclypseV, Artica Artica, nikonraccoon, and hp1741a
Art by me!