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Finn's Bedroom by farorenightclaw

Finn's Bedroom


I'm wanting to get back into doing environments again. I used to do a lot of them back when I worked for the pet sim game Alacrity, but I've gotten long out of the habit. I used to be really good at outdoor environments (I may upload some of the ones I've done) but I've always struggled with indoors, buildings, technical stuff, etc. I also hit a point, where I am still at, where I was relying on using textures far too much. I like being able to incorporate textures, but it's also important to have those fundamental skills to be able to work without them.

Anyway, here's Finn's bedroom. I used a couple of free images but it's 90% my own work. I'm not entirely happy with it - the edges are too crisp, and in some cases too straight - but I'm still trying to find what I like in my style with characters, nevermind with environments, so I'm trying to give myself some slack there. Will do better next time, and the time after that, and the time after that, etc etc etc. I'm pretty pleased with it overall though for being the first environment I've done in years, one of the few lineless paintings I've done in ages, and subject matter I've got very little practice with. This also functions as reference for me when I want to draw Finn and/or Quinn in the future.

So yeah. Let me know what you think. Critique is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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