Hale Reference by farorenightclaw

Hale Reference


12 March 2013 at 13:17:19 MDT

Finally, a proper reference for the goopy panther! Including insets of em as a puddle, and the collar i gave em (which is made of rubber as well, just not as shiny as Hale is).

Hale is ichorous and black. Hale lives in a matroska brain known to earth as PN G75.5+1.7 in the constellation Cygnus. Ey is frequently found in the form of a gelatinous panther, with four red eyes and a particular inclination to force transformations upon others. Ey is notoriously lazy about eir own form however, and frequently returns to a much lower energy configuration. Try not to slip in the puddle.

Hale belongs to hailbop

Artwork (c) kWilson 2013


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    Best keep an eye out for puddles with four eyes, I wouldn't want to slip in em.