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Sleep Mission by farorenightclaw

Sleep Mission


This popped into my head like a month or two ago and I started sketching it out, but my hands started cramping and I had to stop. Came back to it last night with a determination to get back to drawing traditionally and the knowledge that the cramping is probably due to lack of practice, so pushed it out anyway and I'm happy with the results. This is a position that CassioBunny and I sleep in on a regular basis - her hand on my head, her arm around my waist, and her knees/thighs up against my butt. So I was thinking of it as a helmet, seat-belt, and seat, and then thought of going to space like that x3 The anatomy leaves something to be desired but that's a practice thing too. A lot of it is just drawing small - the leather-bound sketchbook I got from FishyBoner is a bit on the small side, and here I am fitting an entire comic onto one page. Oh well, it'll improve!

Cassio belongs to CassioBunny CassioBunny
Farore & art by me!