Meeting of the Minds by farorenightclaw

Meeting of the Minds


11 March 2017 at 15:15:53 MST

What did Farore put in that coffee??

Red belongs to STrRedWolf STrRedWolf
Sandstone belongs to hp1741a
Farore & art by me!

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    This is honestly the first time I've ever seen this fetish! It's weird. But weird is good!

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    For those who don''t follow the FA post as well:

    Fun* fact about Canmephians: Observer class Canmephians have a rare mutation which activates expanded brain capacity and head expansion at time of puberty. It also thankfully strengthens the spine to support said head. The mutation has just been noticed, and public DNA records of Observers (who donated to the repository) have indicated that it is a rare double-lock against it... but if triggered, growth occurs. This also vaults the person to TPK level 7; a sudden growth and change is immediately challenged in society with "Oh my, what happened to your head? Did you see a doc about that?" followed by "Did you get the training?" and "You should, the docs can refer you to someone" or "Oh cool! How are you liking the change?"

    Gene tweaking of any kind can trigger the change.

    Fun fact about RedWolf: Hir body IS hir brain, because shi's Actor class. Hir head as depicted is closer to the mental power that shi has.

    We don't know what the kittybot did... but it's super effective.

    *fun not guaranteed, amount of fun may vary.