Cat Pad - Mousie Pouncin' by farorenightclaw

Cat Pad - Mousie Pouncin'


27 February 2017 at 03:32:17 MST

I got this cute black cat sketch pad a few years ago, from a Walgreens if I recall correctly - CassioBunny bought it for me - and never actually did anything with it. I like coloring with crayons to relax but couldn't settle on a picture in either of my coloring books (My Little Pony and Halloween themed, if you must know - I have 'adult' coloring books also but the designs are too complex for crayons) and spotted poor lonely Cat Pad and decided to doodle something in him. So, non-anthro Farore pouncing a toy mousie, drawing in crayon, as his first drawing. Hopefully there'll be more! I thought yall might like to see my silly crayon doodles so here you go.

Farore & crayon art by me!