Birthday Sissy Bunny Kisses by farorenightclaw

Birthday Sissy Bunny Kisses


13 February 2017 at 04:14:09 MST

It was Cassio's birthday last weekend! To commemorate the event, Myuphrid decided there was no better way to party than by giving him a fancy new outfit, a birthday tiara, a cuddle and a friendly smooch. And of course, not being one to turn down a chance to sissy it up, Myu had himself a matching outfit as well. Pink and white coordinated! A pair of sissy bustybois looking pretty as anything. Good way to celebrate I'd say? Ain't they just gawjus?

Myuphrid belongs to Myuphrid Myuphrid
Cassio belongs to CassioBunny
Art by me!

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