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Meet The Artist


22 January 2017 at 19:55:57 MST

Finally got around to doing this thing that's been sweeping Twitter! Thought I'd share it here too.

  • Yes, I carry a lot of stuff. 1 and a - q are my messenger bag and what goes in it. I don't always carry that. 2 - 5 and 7 & 8 go in my pockets. 10 gets worn about half the time (it can get uncomfortable, and I don't have a particularly more feminine shape without it, just a little chestier). 9 I obviously don't carry with me (and won't when I get it) but it seemed important XD
  • Not everything is exactly accurate (except Stripey Bag, it was sitting behind me and easy to reference). So if you've met me in person don't go YOUR SHOES DON'T HAVE THAT PATTERN because shut up, they're mostly right. :P
  • You can't read it but my default glasses say 'beep boop' on the sides.
  • Yes, my laptop has a name. Trust me, Bolas is a less dorky name than previous laptops.
  • My wallet has space on it and says 'ACTUAL ROBOT' in sci-fi script. I designed it myself. You are jealous.
  • Feel free to ask questions!

Me I guess, and also art, by me!

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    My two laptops are named Fithos and Lusec. It's probably obvious what my next computers will be named!

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