Gone But Not Forgotten by farorenightclaw

Gone But Not Forgotten


14 October 2016 at 14:49:32 MDT

I was very, very flattered at being asked to do this piece, in memory of JasenTamiia, who we lost at the closing of 2015. Jasen was a wonderful person, a great contributor to the community, and a very talented artist. They meant a lot to the people in this image, TheIrateFOX and HeffboomKonijn, and they commissioned me to draw a memorial piece after Jasen's passing. One of the things Jasen was known for was images of characters having their mouths erased by toony pencils, and so here we see Gorden and Emily, aka Avon Bunny Drone Toy AB-DT432, each cradling half of a broken pencil, their mouths gone. I was never close to Jasen myself, but their work touched my life, and their infectious enthusiasm was always a joy to interact with. Even so, working on this was an emotional process for me, as it always is when I deal with themes of love and loss. I hope I was able to do Jasen's memory, and the love of their friends, justice, with this tribute intended to immortalize some of what Jasen meant to their loved ones and to the community.

In memoriam, JasenTamiia
March 14, 1988 - December 31st, 2015

Gordon belongs to   TheIrateFOX TheIrateFOX
Emily belongs to   HeffboomKonijn HeffboomKonijn
Art by me


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    I miss Jasen still too, dang :<

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      I keep expecting to see their art in my inbox, even now.

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        Yeah, it still just feels like he's around.

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    We all miss him. I was lucky enough to get two commissions from him in 2015 prior to his passing.

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      Heffboom actually had me finish an unfinished ref sheet that Jasen started, afterwards. I don't think I've uploaded it anywhere - it feels weird to claim any sort of creative ownership over something that, honestly, was mostly Jasen's work.