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Trailing Clouds by farorenightclaw

Trailing Clouds


Once again for a stream commission RedBlackDragon gave me some money, a character, and artistic freedom. I am not sure if I've drawn a taur in flight before but I really wanted to try the challenge. As soon as RB said he wanted a commission this idea popped into my head fully formed - except the pose. I looked up references in the DnD Draconomicon and in The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern that FlyingFire gave me ages ago. I ended up going with a more Pernese pose for the taur half of the equation, but that left the trouble of - how does a taur fly without immense drag from the torso? I didn't want to put him completely horizontal in a 'Superman' sort of pose, but being fully upright would, again, pose a drag problem. I went for sort of a leaned forward look, but then, what to do with his arms? Having them out would bring back the drag issue, so they had to be tucked in somehow, again without looking too 'Superman' ish. I figured he'd have to have his sword put away (a scabbard doesn't quite work for the shape of his weapon), so maybe a hand on the hilt to stop it rattling about. Then the other arm tucked to the chest, fist over heart for a 'noble' sort of pose. And there we go! Funnily enough, the trailing clouds were the biggest part of my initial inspiration, but they gave me the most trouble. I'm pleased with the results, though!

Character belongs to   redblackdragon
Art by me!

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