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Salix Ref Side 1 by farorenightclaw

Salix Ref Side 1


2 August 2016 at 23:22:50 MDT

I was really flattered when Squidink asked me to do the new ref for his character Salix. I love this character and getting to make the definitive version, so to speak, was a great feeling. I really hope this inspires future drawers-of-Salix to make full use of his various qualities (such as his fantastic, and prehensile, braided vine 'tail', or just general attention to detail), cause he's such a great and fun design! Of course, I might be a bit biased towards plant characters, having helped plantbat design her 'sona Thorn many years back - and unaware at the time that there were other plant furs!

In case the text on the ref is too hard to read, here's a transcript:

Salix Dawntouched
Moss dog, bard, clothing thief, licensed cleavage diver

[Face markings - Body - Markings - Hair - Ears - Tail & nails - Flesh & eyes]

[---Tail is a trio of braided vines, which can be controlled individually. Usually held flush against spine, but may dangle freely when relaxed or moving quickly.]


[As a plant, damage is usually not permanent as Salix can regrow any part of himself within a few days.]

[Created as warriors for a cadre of warmongering wizards, the moss dogs are intelligent and fully functional constructs made from plant matter. Salix slipped the reins of his creators and went on to explore the world. There was much more pleasure to be found in leading a raucous life than in what he'd been intended for originally. He let himself explore the world of pleasure, using a natural talent for music and song to garner attention and coin.
He chooses to enjoy what life has to offer... as often as he can.]

[Height: 5'10"
Weight: 113 lbs
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight (but all-around tease)]

[Hair: weeping willow branches interspersed with long leaf pine needles
Eyebrows: cedar sprigs
Ears: oversized mint leaves
Fur: very fine moss which imitates real fur almost perfectly
Skeleton and nails: ebony
Tail: woody vines
Flesh: tightly woven plant fibers
Eyes: arcane projection linked to Salix's life force]

This is the SFW page, NSFW page is next!

Salix belongs to   squidink
Art by me!

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