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When They Call You by farorenightclaw

When They Call You


now we're back to the beginning
it's just a feeling and no one knows yet
but just because they can't feel it too
doesn't mean that you have to forget
let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'til they're before your eyes
you'll come back when they call you
no need to say goodbye

I've been tossing Regina Spektor's The Call around in my head for a while now. It's a song I really like; simple but poignant, lyrics open to interpretation, beautiful voice and gentle background music on strings, and reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia (though I have not properly seen Prince Caspian, I associate it with The Lion the Witch and the Warddrobe anyway, for some reason) which is a good thing. It seems to lend itself well to long distance relationships especially.

This was originally intended to be equally for Cassio and Poid, maybe even leaning a bit towards Cassio, but as I worked on it I knew it was more for Poid, though still both. That silly thing needs reassurance and love to remind her where her special family place is.

Cassio and Poid have been in each other's lives for far longer than Cassio and I or Hale and I have been together, longer than I've ever been with anyone. They grew up together, learned themselves together, and of course learned each other. After some rockiness not too long before Cassio and I got together that lasted a while after that, Poid decided she wanted to rejoin Cassio's life, and in doing so join our polycule, our family. It is a family. It is the realest, safest, most supportive, most understanding, most loving and most precious family I have ever known, and I am never likely to find a better one (unless we end up adding to the marvelousness that is this one - no plans yet). Cassio, you know how much I love you; I tell you hundreds of times a day, out loud, or with a touch, a kiss, a drawing, a snuggle up in bed at night. Poid, you have been with Cassio since you were both quite young, and so it seems silly that I should ever feel I could welcome you to a relationship with her (especially this long after you two got back together). She is not mine to give away like a bride, people cannot claim each other in that way. She is mine in that she is my love, and my family, and so you are mine too, for you are also my family, also someone I love dearly. Cassio, Hale, Farore, and Poid, we are peas in a pod, even though some of our roots may be set far away from others. There's an ocean between us; between my friend and I, my fiance and her girlfriend, my partner and their girlfriend-in-law-twice-removed, or something like that. Sometimes it seems so far. Other times I remember the stereotypical saying your lot, Poid, seem so clichedly fond of - it's not an ocean, it's a pond, and you hop across it. Is it so far? We draw, we chat, we Skype, we game, and though it might be more pleasant to tuck each other in at night, to give hugs and kisses, to sit on the balcony together and talk nonsense while blackening our lungs... it is still us. You and Cassio, Poid, you are together, no matter the distance, just as you have been forever, and will be forever. The distance the wireless waves must travel does not make you any less my friend. And Hale is happy to poke various buttons via 3-shot teasing tweet-stories whether you're across the water or across the room. We love you, Poid. Your family loves you. You fit here. We hope you can come home to us forever, someday, someday soon. The depth of companionship, love, mutual knowledge, teasing, and sense of safety I see between my fiance and her girlfriend is amazing and fills me with so much compersion I feel like I'm going to pop like a kittybot-shaped champagne bottle. We belong together, all of us. And when I see my love receive and give so much love herself, to someone I'm proud to call a dear friend... this is the good life, I just know it.

Love you both, Cassio and Poid. Yall are never too weird, just weird enough for each other and that's perfect. There's even a little empty spot Hale and I can squish our weird into, too, when we're all weird together (which is the best).

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