COMMISSION: WulfGecko - AiW Badge by farorenightclaw

COMMISSION: WulfGecko - AiW Badge


17 May 2016 at 21:24:51 MDT

I saw wulfgecko offering these last year, big fancy badges with floral themes and a choice of border. I of course chose the Alice in Wonderland themed one, and it came out gorgeous. There are a few things off on the character (such as eyebrows instead of metal brow dots) but to be fair Farore's old design was very over-complex. The little details wulfgecko added like making the 'gems' around the border be glowing the same as Farore's eyes/body lights, the color scheme on the Cheshire Cat, the lights and reflections in Farore's eyes, and the red paint dripping from the roses really make this piece for me. I never actually made it into a physical badge, and unfortunately now the design is out of date, but I enjoy it very much.

Farore belongs to me!
Art by wulfgecko wulfgecko