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Skype Information


6 April 2016 at 00:21:08 MDT

Little thing to explain how I handle Skype, provide my username (which is also on my profile), and give some notices as to what to expect from adding me.

I ran out of room to add this, but another important thing: I leave Skype turned on 24/7 on my phone. This means that I will still be showing as online when I am sleeping, which these days is typically some period between 12am and 11am Pacific. If you message me during this time I may respond when I wake up or I may not depending on how I am feeling, but if you want to talk it's generally a better bet to message me when I'm awake.

If you want to make one of these yourself, you can find the template here:

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    Wow... i could never give out my contact info like this on the internet! That's amazing!

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      Eh, it's no different than just giving it privately to everyone who asks. I've gotten a few more spam adds since I started putting my Skype up on website social connection sections, but it's easy to just report and block.

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        I've found the same reaction. Sometimes you get a wave of trolls but they're not hard to report-and-block either.

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          Yeah. It's no different than having PMs/notes open. You get a shithead, you block and move on.

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    Mind if I shoot you a contact request at some point? You seem like fun company.