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Spray-On Bird by farorenightclaw

Spray-On Bird


Here we have Cassio (in human-dude form), having been nicely distracted by a hypno-visor, is gone after by a dogPoid with a can of TF spray paint. This one seems to be squeaky-chocobo-flavored. And so our hero is haplessly turned into a big rubbery bird by their loving partner, who decided to dress up as trashy as possible for the occasion. Jeez.

I am incredibly happy with this picture and I seriously think it's one of the best cell shading pieces I've done to date. Also, it was super fun to get to do something for both my fiancée AND her partner, and have them both be pleased with (and embarrassed by) it. Yay!

Human Cassio belongs to cassiobunny cassiobunny
dogPoid belongs to P01D
Art by me!

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    This is honestly really goood! Both in content and artistic skill. :D

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    This is super neat! The spraypaint idea is pretty cool :D

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      Poid draws it a lot so we decided to include it!

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    so when she gets to the arms they become his new neck? just making sure I get it