Farore 2.1 - Golden Tabby Tiger by farorenightclaw

Farore 2.1 - Golden Tabby Tiger


31 December 2015 at 08:19:57 MST

A color permutation, a different chassis - my dye job, which was supposed to be black and white and ended up black and gold but then faded to pinkish reddish brown and gold, looks, to me and to Cassio, like golden tabby tiger colors. Those of you who've been playing the home game may recognize the coloration from an older iteration of Farore, back when it was more organic looking and had multiple gender-based chassis - 'male' Farore was a golden tabby tiger. Technically Farore is based on a South China tiger (though there's nothing visually to indicate that, really, other than the small stature; shut up and let me have my fun), and golden tabby tigers are always Bengals, but shhh, it's a robot, who cares.

Anyway, because of my hair, Cassio and I were reminiscing about old male Farore, and Cassio suggested that I try an iteration of Farore 2.1 with the coloration, so here we go. I quite like the look of the orange/brown/cream with the heavy use of blue and silvery grey, so I may use this again in future images. Getting back to my more-obviously-a-tiger roots, I suppose! Funnily, despite having the mohawk-esque headfluff, I didn't actually give it the same hair color as I have, which is three bands each of the reddish color and the gold, starting with the reddish and ending with the gold. Oh well!

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and feel free to draw this chassis if you want to.

Farore and art by me!