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Fleur Noblesse by farorenightclaw

Fleur Noblesse


23 December 2015 at 11:23:08 MST

A thing to tease Cassio with, and a threat to get stuck as this. Fleur Noblesse, the very good and obedient chocobo, a showbird who's kept groomed and tidy, strutted about the ring to win awards and applause. Plus she's good for a ride, too. Additionally, you can sit on her back and go places. ;D

Fleur Noblesse belongs to cassiobunny cassiobunny
Art by me!


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    Always love seeing anthro chocobos. Also digging the curves on her form too, because what's a pretty bird girl without built-in pillows. :>

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      But of course! Gotta have that feather froof.. and it looks so much froofier with good solid curves beneath.

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    Hehe, good for a ride, love the double entendre.

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    So good ^^