FFXIV: Astrologian in 6 Panels by Farel

FFXIV: Astrologian in 6 Panels


18 December 2018 at 01:25:51 MST

Ok, let's start with explaining the joke to the people with lives, who wouldn't get this:
Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG, which features the Astrologian job that you can play as.
It's a healer job that specializes in giving beneficial effects to party members, however it does so on random. You draw one of 6 cards, and based on the result, you take appropriate action:
-you can redraw and pick a card you'd actually want
-you can set it aside for later
-you can discard it to add a specific effect to the next card that you'd use
-and if all else fails, you could discard the card to get a random chance of getting a super healing or super damage dealing move.

It's this crazy big tree of possibilities, which change depending on the situation that your party is in.... so what better way to joke about it, than take the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, and recreate that iconic scene, adding the whole Redraw mechanic to the bit, heh.
-Seto Kaiba as a Scholar (different healer job)
-Yugi/Yami as an Astrologian

Note 1#: No, I didn't draw a "Blue Eyes White Fairy" for Seto.... but I did think about it.
Note 2#: Please don't tell me that Spire doesn't suck or the like, please! I don't play the job anymore, cause I got overwhelmed by the cards, but from the guides that I read, people consistently said that Spire is just used for Royal Road, cause nobody really needs TP, supposedly.
Note 3#: I don't think I'll make a comic about White Mage, seems like too much work, and I have trouble coming up with something!

Apologies if this is confusing for my followers, heh. I'm not even fully happy with this, but I'm glad to be done with this one

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