Starboud char Plotaoe by FamiliarAlien

Starboud char Plotaoe


8 March 2015 at 14:25:46 MDT

Golly gosh I never got around to posting my last 3 drawings here oops D,: This is my Starbound character and his pet Drooly. Plotaoe is just a peaceful Hylotl monk that pretty easily spooked and doesn't much like travelling the universe but spreading peace and stuff has to be up to someone and it may as well be him! He encounters all sorts of fantastic creatures, some friendly... most really not!
Anyway I started to work on this before my computer farted out since I was having a bit of art block and wasn't up to drawing related to my original sci fi stuff. I've wanted to draw a starbound character for about half a year before since the game is in beta the character and pets kept getting reset which make it hard to pin down x-x. Luckily art block gave me a chance to just go with who I have right now. Also a bit of experimentation with style overall.

So enjoy!
Starbound belongs to Chucklefish

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