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Entirety Alien species: the Ginana by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Alien species: the Ginana


Finally my original project is under way which is called “Entirety”. Entirety is a complete universe with who knows how many stories taking place within. The story that I’ll begin with is called “Entirety: Darwin’s Trial” which focuses as it suggests on a alien which is given the name Darwin by his human companion Natalie. Yes, its the same Natalie that is used as my fan tamer in Digimon and Darwin is Sciencemon. His backstory is kinda fusion of the one he had in TDW and DLM though now with aliens instead. I’ll get to explaining him once his character sheet is up. Darwin is a Ginaga (pronounced “Gee-nah-jah”) obviously since this is a original sci fi and not a fanfic.

Ginagas are an unusual lot that get a bad rep because they tend to keep to themselves and the few that leave their home planet tend to be batshit insane so people are under the impression its an entire race of mad scientists. There’s no doubt a good portion of their population are indeed scientists and a little on the cloud coocoolander side but most aren’t like… so bad they’ll dissect you as a way of greeting you.

Unfortunately I ran out of room on this image to explain two things though one isn’t that important outside for drawing purposes and the other is some weird alien kinky shit:First their blood is blue, not red. That’s why inside their mouth/sides of their eyes things are a greyish blue.

Secondly their larvae have nothing between their legs but even without needing to do the nasty for reproduction adults have something that kinda looks like a mix of both private parts humans can have… yeah as weird as that might seem there’s a long science reason I decided to add that aspect ._. Ok up next actual art discussion!

Anyway art wise getting a better hang at my style. I honestly enjoy drawing things more angular.

Anyway enjoy and hopefully next sheet I do which will maybe be up in a week or two from now will not take so long now that I have a format for this stuff.

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to GalacticGoat (me!)

One alien specie down, 13 more to go

PS:none of the individuals featured in this image are characters from the story… at least no one major. I decided since this is a specie sheet that I would make up some characters to fill it and not spoil you guys by featuring the actual Ginana characters seen in the story. Though these guys may appear on the background of scenes.

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