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Entirety Species: The Vishquinza by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Species: The Vishquinza


This is the species I was calling "The green" before because I hadn't actually determined they're actual names until now . Anyway these guys are based on the trope of "little green men" and no I wasn't thinking of this series. These guys are more like angry fat salamanders than frogs anyway. These chaps may not play a huge role (at least not at first) in Darwin's Trial but they do have an important impact on the setting of the story since they're the reason humans are aware aliens exist.

While those that live on their homeplanet are... well still very nasty they aren't complete pricks those that live in space colonies don't care about the laws and usually run around fucking up other planets and species they come across. These are the guys that basically rendered the Domran almost extinct. They would have done the same thing to humans if not for the Greys revealing their position and then what is basically the space marine coming in and fending them off.

Though I will take this case to repeat again as I said on the Kisob'ae sheet: there are no villain aliens. Most Vishquinza are angry but good folks, its only a select few that said "screw the rules" and go around fucking up other planets.

Also a last little blurt of info: their irises are white. That isn't actually the "white" of their eyes if that makes any sense. So yeah there species only has one eye color unless they're albino in which case their eyes would appear completely pink besides the pupil NULL.

So enjoy and feel free to leave feedback or a favorite if you want.

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