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Entirety Species: The Bli!gira by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Species: The Bli!gira


Just to explain their name isn’t excited, the ! represents a clicking noise. For the record their species does understand their name is therefore hard to pronounce so most accept being called “Bligira”.

Anyway oh there is so much I could talk about when it comes to this race. For one thing its the one that was longest in development. The original concept was it was going to be a race based after the yeti. Eventually the concept became kinda mix between the yeti and a wooly mammoth but the prototype design look a little bit too much like a fuzzy Elcor so I worked on it more and more and got this. Though speaking of that sci fi series the reason this is an all female race is ME’s fault… well indirectly.

Though ME can’t fucking decide on this for sure Asari are at least heavily suggested to be an all female species and like with most fiction they’re “green skin alien babes” (though Asari usually have blue skin but the trope still fits). While there’s nothing wrong with that I thought it be a little more original to have an all female species that didn’t look even vaguely humanoid let alone sexy humanoid :B.

There’s also an actual evolutionary reason this occurred to their race which isn’t “evil matriarchy takeover”. No… they literally got so big they could barely do the nasty anymore (remember: falling can actually kill them on their home planet) so they slowly evolved to no longer need a male partner to reproduce resulting in most individuals being born female. Males still appear every once in a while but they’re basically the same as infertile females so *shrug*.

So enjoy and feel free to leave feedback or a favorite if you want.

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic (me!)

3 more races to go

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