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Edouard by FamiliarAlien



5 June 2020 at 08:42:46 MDT

Finally got this OC done. Meet Édouard: a old fart of a dragon. He's very lazy, likes shiny things and is the one that gave Verta her amulet.

If you want to know why he gave her that basically there's very few dragons around and only a dragon can unlock this particular hoard of treasure he's been trying to find for ages. Verta may typically be a shrew but since magic shenanigans lets her be a dragon for a temporary period of time she can basically cheat the system. Thing is there's a second stipulation for getting into said hoard: you need to enter with a piece of it already on your person. So yeah Verta's amulet isn't what turns her into a dragon its actually just a plot related key she carries around thanks to this dude.

Also when I say there's very few dragons around I don't mean they're going extinct: Édouard just happens to live on an small island with the rest of my Magimalia crew. Dragons tend to just live elsewhere on the planet. Notably he came to that island specifically to look for that particular hoard decades ago then sorta vaguely gave up. Édouard likes the nice quiet life so that's why he just kind a stayed regardless of being one of the only of his kind around.

Sorry if this got a little longer than most of my character profiles I just figure this one has actual world building associated with his creation so I should actually write about it! Hope you like him!

EDIT: Decided to hue shift/saturate his colors a bit just because I thought his body looked look flesh colored? He should be more orangy now.

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