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Evolution of the dragon (in my story) by FamiliarAlien

Evolution of the dragon (in my story)


4 June 2020 at 04:09:18 MDT

Goodness I hope there isn't any typos on this sheet since I manually typed this out... Anyway before introduced a new character I wanted to do a quick little lore image. There's not much deep storytelling in Magimalia but dragons are established as being just regular animals.

The short simple version of this graph is Magimalia's dragons share common ancestry with mammals but aren't mammals themselves. They're a unique class of animals that doesn't exist in our world but hypothetically could have if specific species hadn't gone extinct. I could go into more bullshit specifics on this but ya know... this is a cartoon drawing I don't want the description to turn into a wikipedia article.

By the way I should note here that Stahleckeria isn't a direct ancestor of either creature featured here. Think of them as more of an uncle!
I just wanted to draw a random example of these types of long extinct critters and this particular species felt like it would fit well into the caveman aesthetic lol.

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