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Hey, Fallimar here.

I'll try to keep this updated, I rather like the look of this site so far. Quiet, but nice. Hope to see ya round :)



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One quick partial/head commission slot open!

Hi all,

So I've finished my costume studies for the year and I've got some spare time, so I thought I might put my new costuming skills to use and offer a one-time commission slot over the holidays. Now, since I go back in februart, this also has to be a quick-completion commission, so it must be done or very close to done by early feb. Huzzah!

This is for ONE detailed fursuit head or ONE simple/low detail partial fursuit. Price will depend on the project, but the estimated range is $600-1000 AUD, but will be quoted accurately once the details of the piece are given. Obviously a simpler piece will be cheaper and a more complex, detailed piece will be more expensive.
I always provide basic design sketches as part of the build process so people know what they can expect to get and where my process is heading.

Head options include foam base (possibly resin but will have to be purchased at customer's expense), fur, fleece, drybrushing/airbrushing, toony or realistic eyes, moving jaw, fan in the muzzle, whiskers, feathers, scales, horns, scar detailing, cast latex pieces (maybe, depends on timing), simple LEDs.

Partial options include sculpted or cast resin claws, durable rubber foot bottoms, soft vinyl/leather paw pads,latex cast paw pads (maybe, depends on timing), fur, fleece, air/drybrushing, lightweight hollow-core swaying/bouncing tails (certain tails only), simple spines/horns, puffy or simple paws, toony or realistic/fantasy styled. Other accessories such as small wings, armour or multiple tails/etc will be assessed on a case by case basis.

For this one, I'd prefer not to do first come first served, I really want to put a lot of love and passion into this project so I'd prefer to choose a customer's design if at all possible. If you're interested, either comment here or note me with the design you'd like me to make for you - reference images would be incredibly helpful but a text description will do just fine if that's not possible.

Style notes - Check my recent previous work for what my stuff looks like! I'm a massive nerd so anything fantasy/creature/horror/sci-fi/geek related will definitely tickle my fancy. Armour is a POSSIBLE addition. Maybe.

Feel free to ask questions, and thanks for reading!

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