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Run by FallenZephyr



22 January 2014 at 17:15:32 MST

Shortly after I created Viri, one of my newest OCs, I actually wanted to redesign her into a kirin! They're like half dragon, half horse/deer/goat unicorn beasts, or simply "chinese unicorns"; they have the body of an equine, cloven hooves, and the horns, face, and scales of a dragon.

I thought her personality would really suit the kirin form; they are very kind and kindred creatures with no desire to harm living things, even going as far as walking on water to avoid stepping on grass or plants. However, they will punish those who are evil and heartless.

Viri, in her deer form, is actually cream coloured but I sort of flipped her colours around so that her scales would be more visible. She can still create fog but instead of only from her mouth, she can create it from any place of her body. In her kirin form, she can run twice as fast as her deer form and also walk on water. When confronted by people, Viri can gauge their "kindness" or "goodness" (like a typical kirin); if she feels that she's in danger, she will run and temporarily blind people with a thick cloud of fog. If she is feeling extremely threatened and feels that a person intends to harm living beings, she will not hesitate to permanently blind them.

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Viri is (c) me!

Photoshop CS6
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