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I'm currently doing a daily art challenge (basically where I draw and submit something everyday) and I'm accepting requests on Pokemon to draw.

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Looking for Art trades

I'm looking for art trades with other people.

I can draw pokemon, and animals. I can also draw humans, although I have no examples up currently, I can provide them if nessairy.

I'm looking for these OC's to be drawn: - Faleep - Kakon - Derpy - James

I'd like James and Derpy to be drawn together, as they are a pair from my WIP Nuzlocke comic, Bloody Hell. Derpy and James have a father-daughter relationship, with James being the protective father and Derpy being the naïve daughter. Also, James is taller then Derpy.

For Faleep, he's usually alone, and also very sad. Sad, depressed images fit him, though he can be happy. When he is happy, it's usually because he's playing in/with water. He uses a combination of ice and water magic, and so he has a close tie to water. Fal stands a little over 7ft tall.

And as for Kakon.... He's a devious, evil, fiendish snake who enjoys playing in the shadows and terrorizing people. He uses shadow magic, and can create shadows from his feathered tail. He can also change his size to what ever size he likes.

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Full outline

$ 1.00
$ 0.50
Shaded color
$ 3.00


Colored sketch
$ 1.50
Simple sketch
$ 1.00

For my commissions (I highly doubt I'll get any, I am not a very good artist) I, at this current point in time, can only take payment via DeviantArt points. Every 50¢ is equal to five DA points.
My shades works will cost more, since those take a really long time for me to do.



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    hey! Thank you for faving my lugia pic:

    The support means a ton to me, seriously thanks a bunch.

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    Oh hey there, fancy seeing you here!

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      Fancy seeing you as well! ^.^

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      You're welcome! I really like how you draw pokemon. <3 it's so pretty,

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      You're welcome! Your artwork is amazing. I like the carousel horse character. <3 he sounds like he'll have a really cool story, with his escape from the carousel and the things that may come after.

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    Thanks so much for the follow! :3