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Enraging a Reality Warper isn't a Good Idea by FaeBlimpDrgn (critique requested)

Enraging a Reality Warper isn't a Good Idea (critique requested)


Something I got inspired from/by on a game with a few of my friends this past Saturday night. See, Iona's main base of power -thanks to her Mother's side of the family- is that she can fundamentally warp reality around her. When she's in a good mood, she usually has things under control, but on the other hand... Welp. Pro tip: When there's someone who's emotional state can make you go from a Solid to a gas and back again, or mix your sense of sight with your taste, or invert your body from inside to out, It's veeeeeeeeeeeeery much best not to piss them off. I was trying a small smattering of effects here, from the melting of that table of stuff, to the inflation of the speakers and stretching of an innocent bystander in the background, but I was also going for the, "Oh hey I'm pissed," look one gives in a manga where the only thing one sees in the enraged one is the whites of their eyes under their bangs. Otherwise, chalk another one up to being done!

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