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Musical Character Design? (Chance at Free Character Art!)

on 31 January 2014 at 06:14:39 MST

Thought I would try this out on here since I don't have many watchers and might be a good way to get motivated if I can get some interest.

Basically the other day I realized that while listening to my MP3 player on the way to work, most of my music is usually linked to a character I have. This only really became apparent because I was in the mind set of one of my characters and just switching over tracks to get to the ones that remind me of him and his story.

So, this got me thinking that it would be fun to see if people would like to link my a song and allow me to make a character on that for them to use as they wish. Pretty much like a wing it commission, but this is free and you can choose whatever you end up doing with the character (use it for rp or just keep to yourself kind of thing.)

But yea, so time for some fun! So here is how it's gonna play out and some rules:

  • Everyone can link to me one piece of music from youtube or what not that they think they would like a character based on.
  • Specify wither you would like it to be Female or Male and Animal or Human. You can say which animal you would like as well, but don't go too specific. You are also quite welcome to not specify and leave it all up to me.
  • I will be choosing TWO pieces that inspire me the most. Maybe three if I have the time.
  • The artwork belongs to me, however the character will be yours to do with as you please!
  • No complaining about the outcome! It is a chance at free art and all the fun is in the surprise at how it turns out.
  • Anything you wish to change you can do so by drawing it yourself or commissioning me to make small changes.
  • Absolutely NO selling! If you do not want the character, I shall keep it or sell it on.

Anyway I think that is it? I will post another journal to say when I will stop accepting links. Just post in the comments below. Cheers!

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