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Bad Day by Fablepaint

Bad Day


Bad day. No time to fix things because I have so much work to do. Need more work, but there’s not enough time. And I feel like I’m swallowing a little more water every month I manage to tread.

So there, some vent art.

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    *swims up underneath to form an island for you to stand on *

    Cool water effects, too :3

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      My boyfriend is the bit of log beside me I'm clinging to. Finding land would be nice though. For the both of us (being in similar positions)
      And thank you! Painting water is a challenge, but the focus it requires is relaxing.

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        lots of hugs

        I;m glad you have a log to cling to, just make sure he keeps floating too, okay? :3

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          We're each others logs. When one of us is down, the other will respond by being more chipper. It's tough, but then I think we as a pair are weathering it far better than if we weren't.

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        Fav is in recognition of the awesome art, not the negative sentiment attached to it :)

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          Nah that's cool. I was trying to turn the negative sentiment into something productive that was for me. If I didn't want that shared, I wouldn't have put it online (and I've made art like that which is not shared)

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    I have been struggling with this feeling for a long time now. I understand how it sometimes gets. It really helps to have one person be able to brighten up while the other one is down. Try to stay vigilant that this mood alternation itself doesn't become an ingrained pattern you get "stuck" in: both of you deserve to be "up" at the same time, for your own sakes as well as each other's. My partner and I recently had to have a talk about this, and for our part we're doing better.

    Hope you folks find dry land soon.

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      Thankfully we have a lot of mutually up moments, but yeah I don't want to be a down person each time he's up. I much prefer us both being in a good mood.