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Lillium Lupus


23 January 2014 at 15:56:20 MST

Big ass illustration that holds the record for longest running commission. I was asked by LilliumLupus to do the cover illustration for her book "Lillium Lupus" back when it existed in first drafts around 2006. Started work in 2008 (as it got edited) and only finally finished NOW. This was due to a combination of other obligations, but mostly my own expanding skills. Every time I sat down to work, I had to fix my previous work. Months, years dragged on like this, keeping pace with the book all the way.
I wouldn't put any other commission through this, but I was determined to get this one right. I wanted it to look good, dammit! It meant something to me.
Now it's done, and the book has entered its final drafts. Woop!

Critique greatly appreciated.
The weird proportions of the hand are due to a kind of acromachia, so yes I am aware they are very long and strange.
Fun fact: I've actually been to that fountain in Paris.

Meg then wrote what might be the best/stupidest thing based on this image.

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    Oh I love every single inch of this. <3

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    The amount of detail is staggering! You can see the time you put into this.