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I work as a freelance artist and costumer for a living and frequent various conventions across America. I greatly enjoy my work and also writing in my free time. Also, I adore challenges and learning new things.

Music is pretty much food for me, and I listen to just about anything. I am a drummer and am always looking for people to play with. <3


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Update on Work, Streams, and Art in general

on 15 August 2019 at 18:38:05 MDT


I am officially an employee of one of my dream companies! Whoo! Unfortunately, this means things will be slowing down a bit art wise. Commissions will be more rare, but I will still be offering them occassionally. I am in the middle of a very large move (across the whole country practically) so I am unable to give any specific timeframes for when I'll be back to regularly streaming. I do still have a few items for clients on my to do list that have a big chunk of work done on them that I am still finishing up and those will be my priority as I get settled and transitioned into the new career.

Basically I will be shooting for getting them done after work hours are done for the day and on my weekends. After those six projects are finished up, I plan to finally start working on comics and my own personal projects for a bit. These include the delayed comic WILL that I put off both because of time constraints as well as my own ability to draw it properly needing some considerable work. I am aiming to put out about a page every two weeks to start out as I get everything story boarded properly and eventually, I may up that to once a week. Really it will depend upon what my work schedule will be like and how wiped I am after the workday.

Things I know I am going to get asked about:

Is the job art related? No, though it has the potential to be if I choose to switch to a different department. I felt the need to stick to something not art based because I want to have the creative energy to work on my own things when I am not on the clock and doing art full time basically drains all of that for me.

Who do you work for now? Twitch :) I am not really willing to go into what my specific job title is though because I don't feel super comfy going into it since I do not want to invite lots of questions regarding things that I am not properly trained in yet. I can only say that it involves something I am very passionate about and that I feel I can contribute alot to.

But what about commissions, ychs, ect? Yes I am still going to be doing all of these things. I am hoping that after everything is settled and my que is empty that I can start opening one day a week on my nights off for things and stick to a one week turnover. Mostly all of this will depend on my new work schedule and so on. When I know what that will be, I'll come up with a streaming/commission schedule around it. ^^

Mostly, I am super excited to start this new chapter of my life ( even though I am a little terrified), and I wanted to let everyone know what is going on and that I am not stopping artwork so you will still see me active. It just may be a couple weeks before I have a regular schedule. My move is next week (yikes) and it will take me about three days to drive to the new place, so I will likely only be active on discord ( I'll link that in the closing of this) while traveling. Another downside is that I will not be at ICF or MFF this year because of this. Hopefully once I get a better handle on what my expenses for things are going to be, I can figure up if I can make allowances for conventions next year <3

But yes, feel free to ask questions below and I'll answer what I can. QwQ <3

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