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Jack and Gideon Sumo Match by ExoticVista

Jack and Gideon Sumo Match


24 August 2021 at 21:17:25 MDT

This is the result of an Amino poll.

Nick Wilde told Gideon Grey about that time him and Jack Aardal had a sumo match. Gideon was surprised to hear that Jack won. Nick was slightly stronger, but Jack was quicker and smarter. He figured that he could "definitely" take him on in a fight. So, he contacted Jack and scheduled a friendly match.

Gideon is stronger, taller and heavier than Jack. He could very easily knock him over. However, Jack is smarter. He knows how to fight someone larger than him.

Nick and Judy wished Gideon "good luck", knowing what Jack can be capable of. The two of them put their mawashis on and got into position. On cue, they both lunged towards each other! Upon impact, Jack was knocked back a foot. Gideon was [b]strong[/b]! He knew that all it takes is one good shove in the right time, and Gideon's on the ground. Meanwhile, Gideon was just shoving and grabbing Jack as strong as he could. Hoping that it would knock him down eventually.

Jack's using his wit and speed while Gideon's using his brute strength to win.

Brains vs. Brawn

Who will win?

Hope y'all like this one. I wanted to make Gideon a bit more muscular, but I didn't want him to be ripped (like what I did to Clawhauser). So, I toned his arms and chest, but still kept him a little chubby. There's no real reason for him to be any more muscular than that.

Jack Aardal (c) me.
Gideon Grey (c) Disney.

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