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Campfire and Firecrackers by excelsior30 (critique requested)

Campfire and Firecrackers (critique requested)


You may want to go ahead and put up the volume on this one.

This is my first ever submission to Weasyl!

For this one, it was a final exam for the third of my four semesters in music theory. The song you are listening to is the authentic one and the one that I like the most, but if you are at the college, I did some modifications to it. Using Finale NotePad, (I recorded off of it and used a loud volume to get it,) I used acoustic guitar, piano and double bass fiddle to compose this piece. While composing, I heard from someone that it reminds her of something colorful eminating from a dead body. :huh: I envision this as one or many furs/humans sitting at a campfire/bonfire and fireworks popping in the sky. I would classify this as classical or rock-you decide.

Since it is my own piece, I do rate it on my 6-point scale, I put it as 5.4. I might need a bit of tweaking in the Neopolitan (♭ll) chord and maybe a little less involvement in the double bass. However I like what I did-it may not be my best, but this is my first time ever composing a musical piece. Hope you like it. :-)

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