Hello, I just discovered this site, so I've decided to share some of my works here! Hope you'll have a good time with my works!

What do I do?

Well, mostly anything I feel like drawing! Most of my works is bassed on my Original characters, I have plenty of them ;)

Most of my work will be based around:

Action & comic-book type, Erotic & porn artwork, Fantasy, Hororr & Gore & My Little Pony related.

Hope you have a good time with my work & stories! ^^


My erotic work can be somewhat... extreme, I don't do stuf flike guro, scat or anything crazy like that, bu some of my erotic pictures may show some violent scenes, including female characters being heavely abused, tortured & raped. Have in mind all my erotic work is based purely & entirely on Fantasy, none of my stuff is meant or supposed to be asociated or related with any form or real life ideology, personal belief or to reflect how I think womans should be treated in real life. please don't take my erotic material too seriously neither as something personal, if you find some of my material offensive please accept my apologies in advance.

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Help an artist out!_Commissions

on 26 June 2018 at 16:41:47 MDT

I'm currently in the middle of a very bad economical situation and I need a bit of a little "push" in order to make it through.

If anyone is interested on a commission for $30.00 and can afford it right away, please consider messaging me.


I can do a full color picture (explicit erotic or non-erotic) with up to 2 characters (commercial or original or even my own OCs). As for fetishes anything goes, only 3 things I'm not doing would be gay/yaoi, guro/snuff nor scat/watersports. Appart from that, I can work anything (lesbian, loli, prego, BDSM, rape, beastiality, futa, etc...)

Payment upfront and through paypal if you can.

Sen d amessage if interested.

Hope you can help a fellow artist out, if not, thanks for reading regardless.

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    Gracias por aceptarme la solicitud de amistad!!

    Un abrazote!! <3