Something Smells Like Skunk - Mewrei by Evianrei

Something Smells Like Skunk - Mewrei


9 August 2016 at 14:24:36 MDT

*Go for a walk they said, enjoy the weather they said... Poor mewrei seems to have caught a bit of bad luck, and what do you know, a thick gooey liquid that smells, ugh! So strongly of skunk, has gooped up onto him. But not only that! Is, is tailmaw getting smaller?! What's happening?! *

Piece of my husband mewrei goo-transforming into his SkunkPanda sona Winston

Took my time and had fun with this piece! While it is still gift art, I really loved the pose and style of it, and it was nice not having to line anything for once, and to be able to experiment.

Character: mewrei